Proper stress management

In this day and age, our dynamic way of life has resulted in a rapid technological advancement and mind-boggling productivity growth. However, the chronic accumulation of stress has become one of the worst health epidemics worldwide.

As such, people who are chronically stressed and don’t use proper stress management tools and techniques suffer from a variety of stress-induced health issues. A headache, neck pain, high blood pressure, insomnia and depression decrease labor productivity and significantly increase health care spending.

For those who suffer from chronic stress, there are several tools and techniques they can use in order to improve their quality of life.

Identify the source

Many people are exposed to stressors which run below their perceptual radar. It might be a toxic relationship, bad working conditions, or another environmental stress agent. Once you identify the true source of your stress, addressing the issue becomes exceedingly easier.


Meditation is a great way for you to relieve the stress accumulated throughout the day. It provides a healthy way for you to unwind and let your mind sort out the day’s experiences. It’s a form of mental hygiene similar to taking a shower. Only 30 minutes of meditation daily, can significantly increase your energy levels while getting rid of the stress.

Limit your time on the social media

Social media are amazing tools for connecting people. However, spending too much unproductive time on Twitter and Facebook, can affect your work performance and become a significant source of stress. They offer a skewered, unrealistic view into other people’s lives – which can often lead to the perception that your life is less productive and less fulfilling.

The benefits of limiting social media exposure are numerous. You’ll cut one stressor while saving time and energy which can be spent in more worthwhile pursuits.

Regular exercise

Exercise offers a healthy way of venting your stress and emotions. Additionally, the chemicals released during exercise positively affect your entire body. This leads to decreased levels of emotional and physical stress and dramatically improved mood.

Regulate your sleep

sleepSleep is one of the most important mechanisms with which our body deals with stress. Sleep restores and rejuvenates the body. Additionally, sleep also prepares the body for the hardships of the day – which is the reason why you should take care of your sleeping habits.

The quality and consistency of your sleep are equally important to the quantity. In order to reduce your stress, make sure you get into and out of bed at the same time every day.

Have sex

The health benefits of sex are too many to count. However, regular sexual intercourse with your partner not only reduces your stress but also, releases an array of hormones which improve mood and boost your immune system. Moreover, it strengthens and stabilizes your relationship – thus eliminating another possible source of stress.

Consult a therapist

It goes without saying that if you are suffering from chronic stress, it’s a good idea to consult a psychologist. They are uniquely skilled to help you identify, cope and deal with the sources of your stress.

Furthermore, regular therapy sessions provide you with a unique insight of yourself and your life – as well as a useful toolkit of exercises that can help you relieve stress in a healthy manner.