Make Merry with Banana Nut Bread with Greek Yogurt

Make Merry with Banana Nut Bread with Greek Yogurt (3)

Banana Nut Bread with Greek Yogurt is a welcome change on the breakfast menu.

Not only are you getting your day off to a good start, Greek yogurt added into your banana nut bread is an ideal, wholesome and inexpensive snack.

Of course, once you’ have got your banana bread basics ready such as the eggs, flour, sugar, baking soda, ripe bananas and pecan- or walnuts, you will be wanting to add in a dollop of Greek yogurt.

  • Greek Yogurt – the Secret to Great Baking

Banana loaves may well be all much the same, but the one with Greek Yogurt is that one everyone likes best, especially with the addition of a handful of chopped nuts.

Greek yogurts are thick and have a distinct natural taste without too much flavoring.

Certainly, as Greek yogurt has become prevalent in people’s diets and in the marketplace, there has been an increase in the number of recipes that make use of it.

  • A Good Texture – the Ultimate Triumph

Make Merry with Banana Nut Bread with Greek Yogurt (1)Greek yogurt is excellent for baking and people who use it in their recipes find that their baked goods have a better consistency.

Most of us, when baking, make use of over-ripe bananas in banana bread. Banana bread is a versatile recipe that is the ideal way to use up a few bananas in a delicious way.

The bread always turns out moist and soft with yogurt, and its secret is the lots of over-ripe bananas and of course, the choice of thick Greek yogurt instead of the use of buttermilk for instance. The yogurt keeps moisture in the cake and it adds an unmistakable tantalizing tang to it.

You will notice too, that the banana nut bread stays fresher for longer after baking. Just remember to always store it in an airtight container.

  • Everyone has their Banana Bread Preference

Sure, there are heaps of banana bread recipes out there.Make Merry with Banana Nut Bread with Greek Yogurt (2)

Some people add in blueberries, others coconut and honey.

There is one thing though that seems to be common to all these bananas breads which make people describe them as the best – Greek Yogurt.

Some people still make use of oil while others substitute the oil with the yogurt.

Ask anyone who has eaten banana nut bread with Greek yogurt, by adding lashing of butter and cream, this banana bread is unashamedly the most indulgent ever. Enjoy!